This handbook gives an overview over the six modules of the Fair Tourism, informing about the content and useful material as well as about the assessment criteria. 

For each module a detailed proposal with methodological aspects can be found. These proposals should be regarded as help for teachers who want to use the material in their courses.

As there was a common understanding that questions of communication and promotion are essential to each of the module’s topics, every module has a forth unit called „Communication and Promotion“. The material which can be used in preparation of these units can be found as last section of the handbook.

The main result of the FONTES project that has been transferred within the AKTOS project, is the Good Practises Guide, that intends to inform the users and target groups, about the employment possibilities generated by the different endogenous resources of the rural areas, which in many cases are not yet properly exploited.

Containing ideas, case studies, guidelines and tips to help conservation, businesses, host communities and visitors all become winners